"Whether it's straight, goofy or downright off-the-wall,
don't just settle for any old bozo...get the one and only
Jerry Lobozzo!"

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Jerry Lobozzo

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Jerry Lobozzo is a specialist in vocal characterizations and voice-overs, as well as being able to create memorable and funny on-camera personalities.

TV Animation - Claymation
Kirby Fox Kids Principal
Fighting Foodons Principal
Tama & Friends FOX Kids Starring
Celebrity Death Match MTV Principal
Merlin PBS / Disney Channel Starring
Cubix Kids WB11 Principal
This Modern World Internet Series Starring
Pokemon Kids WB11 Principal
Zippy & Friends International TV Starring
Yugioh Kids WB11 Starring

Commercials TV/Radio
Miller Lite On Camera Principal National Network
McDonalds Radio Principal National
Merrill Lynch On Camera Featured National Network
Hot Wheels TV-V/O Principal National Network
Budweiser TV-V/O Principal National Network
Foot Locker TV-V/O Principal National Network
Stouffers TV-V/O Principal National Network
Kinney Shoes Radio Principal National
Coco Puffs TV-V/O Principal National Network
Nick-at-Night TV-V/O Principal National Network

Fuji Film V/O Principal
Johnson & Johnson V/O Principal
Prudential V/O Principal
Citizen Watch V/O Principal
Hunter Douglas V/O Principal
Ohaus V/O Principal
Panasonic V/O Principal  

Vocal Impressions
Regis Philbin
Austin Powers
Gilbert Godfrey
Sly Stallone
Bill Clinton
Sean Connery
All Three Stooges (one at a time)
Robin Leach
Jack Nicholson
Johnny Carson
Richard Simmons
Tony Soprano
and a new parade of characters daily!

Special Skills
Multilingual (speaks & reads fluent Italian, as well as Sicilian)
Singer (4 octave range)
Vocal Sound Effects, Accents, Dialects, Funny Faces
Ran for public office
Nightclub Promoter

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