"Whether it's straight, goofy or downright off-the-wall,
don't just settle for any old bozo...get the one and only
Jerry Lobozzo!"

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Catch Jerry every Saturday morning featured on the Kids WB on Cubix, Tama and Friends, Yugiho, and Pokemon check your local listings for times.

Also find Jerry Saturdays on FOX in Fighting Foodons and Kirby! Check your local listings for times.


I have just discovered a younger Robin Williams, my client Jerry Lobozzo. He is brilliant, creative and very imaginative. He is king of the Saturday morning cartoon shows doing most of the characters in the various shows. Jerry virtually morphs into any character. He also can sing in four octaves, in perfect pitch, IN CHARACTER!!

Recently Jerry has auditioned for two Dick Wolf shows "LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT" and for two films. In "THE PROPHET" a big budget period piece film taking place in the Old West, he read for the director for a major role. In "NADEZDHA" Jerry read for an evil character in 1930's Morocco. And we have been in contact with Disney regarding several big animated films.

Jerry is amazing. He has talent one only sees rarely in this business. I feel so lucky to have met him. And he is such a professional and nice guy!

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